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The service was designed for patients who are interested in us and want to learn more about the services we provide. We hope that you trust our experience and benefit from the professional and competent service we are able to provide.

Along with a change in the graphic design of our site, we have changed something more - from now on you can use one of the most modern solutions. The new platform will enable you to arrange an appointment at a convenient time for you, and you will also be free to choose any appointment.

But how to do it? It's simple - the whole operation is similar to shopping online, with the only difference that here you are not required to pay in advance – first you create an account name and password and then choose the doctor you wish to see and make an appointment.

We hope that this new form of contact with our practice will allow you greater flexibility in the choice of appointment. If you have any trouble creating an account, please take a look here - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 You can still call us and arrange an appointment in the traditional way.