Cosmetic Surgery

It has become evident that patients visit the dentist not only to improve the function of their teeth, but, increasingly, for aesthetic reasons. One of the treatments that can improve aesthetics is whitening. It may also be helpful in patients whose teeth are discolored, or have been damaged during tooth formation in the bone. This applies, for example, to people taking certain medications as a child. Each operation must be preceded by a consultation with the dentist. The teeth are cleaned of incrustation and restorations protected. In some cases, a tooth whitening agent may cause irritation and pain. Our years of experience and observation of patients has led us to choose from the so-called overlay method of whitening. For each patient, a flexible overlay is applied specifically for his teeth. This is done separately for the upper and lower arch. In the evening, for 7-14 days, the patient requires the same gel at a concentration of 10-20% for overlay. The teeth are treated with it for several hours. To ensure that there is no sensitivity we recommend the use of a special sensitive paste.