In our practice, we focus not only on treatment but also prevention of tooth decay (dental caries) and periodontal disease (periodontitis). One condition necessary for maintaining healthy teeth is a healthy periodontium. Removal of tartar is recommended before the start of a comprehensive treatment. Even if you do not have any cavities you should have a checkup once a year, an obvious necessity. Difficult to clean stains from coffee, tea and cigarettes can be painlessly removed by sanding, which gives a long-lasting feeling of comfort. A natural complement to these treatments is the imposition of fluoride varnish or a preparation of large amounts of calcium (so-called smooth glaze). They work against decay and reduce tooth hypersensitivity. Prevention is cheaper than cure. Preventative actions are particularly important in patients with known systemic diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease. It is also necessary to care for the youngest patients and pregnant women. We perform minor painless treatment for patients but also offer preventative fissure sealing and painting of the whole dentition. ską.